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alternative to move to top/bottom buttons


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hi there, i suggested for this feature in the Feature Request List, but since a few people have voted for No, i would like to know what alternatives can they give me.

cuz i would understand the negative response if there was a keyboard shortcut for moving the torrents in the list (like there is in Flashget: alt+up/down) (is it there and i don't know??).

i always have a list with over 60 torrents and a medium-slow connection so sometimes i have to reorganize the list to give priorities to one or another torrent and those buttons make this a simple task but with just Move Up/Down buttons and no kb shortcut this task is extremely complicated and stress the mouse like hell (clicking it 500 times it's not delightful).

so please, what alternatives are there to reorganize/reprioritize a big list in µTorrent?

thanks in advance

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