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9717kbs but only 50kbs down


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I have read the sticky's and followed much of it. I have:

Window Vista Premium

Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+ (i did download the optimizer from the sticky)

2 gigs of ram

Asus Nforce 4 board

i have the windows firewall configured and the internet connection is direct with no router.I have my upload capped at 50kbs. My problem is my downloads as my uploads seem to go at very good speeds. I seem to average around 50-60kbs and on very high seeded ones I may do about 100kbs and be it for alittle while before going down. I did notice that it still says the port number is still not open but im not sure if it's relevant since I have no router. I also have Roadrunner as my ISP. Not sure what other info is needed. Please any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.


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