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Upload speeds going up and down


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I have been using utorrent for a while and recently upgraded (it was supposed to be an upgrade at least) to the D-Link Router DGL-4300. Prior to having this router my old router (Netgear WGR I think) was getting old and would crap out consistently. However, when it was working my speeds were VERY GOOD. However, since beginning to use the new router my upload speeds have been EXTREMELY intermittent. Basically they are going up to 30kbps and then down to 5 kbps and its just doing this over and over and over.

I am using XP and my NAT is open (confirmed by the tracker and in utorrent). I have tried with a number of torrents and it keeps happening the same way.

any ideas??

Well, after some trouble shooting it appears that either changing my MTU size (no idea what that is or does) and a power cycle did the job.


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