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Continuing Torrents on Restart


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It might just be me, but i've noticed:

- I download a torrent, and finish downloading the data.

- Download turns to Seed ( I now have 1 still downloading, and 1 seeding)

- I close uTorrent ( For whatever reason)

- I open uTorrent again, the downloading torrent is opened, and downloading again. But the seeding torrent isn't opened. It's not on the list.

- I manually add the torrent, pointing it at the completed save location.

- I close/re-open uTorrent .. and the seed stays there now.

Anyone else have that problem? I don't mean to say uTorrent is crap, but i'm sticking to another client until that problem gets fixed. I often have to open and close my bittorrent client.

Outside of this problem, and a feature i'd like added .. uTorrent would be the perfect client. (Goes off to the suggestions board for a post about a feature)

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confirming the bug all my seeded torrents are not in the list in utorrents but still in downloaded files folder. Is the torrent folder of "finished jobs " not read and added to the list when restarting ? the finished torrents files are there in the finished folder..

additionaly weird things happen in the torrents folder torrents are there twice mostly numbeered 1 at the end of the filename.

moved the torrent files and the downloaded files to the download folder but force recheck is greyed out even after restart.

only after i forced the start redownloaded some Kb i was able to force the recheck and utorrent is saying it is finished 100,1 % not moved to the downloaded folder, not seeding.

Theres somehing wrong here.

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