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1.2.1 Crashes entire system


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I have gone back to 1.2 and that has sorted stability out but this is what was happening.

I use P4 2GHZ PC with 1.75G RAM.

Utorrent operates from the same drive that it stores the downloaded torrent files on - which is a USB2 200Gig Mass Storage disk (easily removable if as Priestly had it "An Inspector Calls").

I upgraded to 1.2.1 when utorrent suggested, after which my system would operate for about an hour and then either the USB Disk would sieze up, or the system would simply reset and the entire computer would restart. Once or twice it even resorted to the blue screen of hell. As utorrent tends to just dribble away in the background it took a while for me to work out that it was 1.2.1 doing this.

In the crashes it lost all the torrent information which needed reloading and then seemed to only find the files partially, so stuff which was 100% and uploading was suddenly 98% and needing downloading again (despite the fact that I could verify outside utorrent that the files were 100% present. Then when asking 1.2.1 to "recheck" the files the damn thing would crash the system again...

So back to 1.2 and not a single problem...

Just thought you might like to know

Good luck!


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