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2 PCs Connect Via Same Wireless Router, But Poor Speeds On 1?


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Hi guys this is my first post on the forum.

Basically, i've a laptop and a desktop PC.

I updated the version on the laptop to 1.7.2 and am downloading a torrent and getting really good speeds - connecting to 21(439) seeds. The laptop connects wirelessly to my router and I have setup port forwards with no problem what so ever - i've a green tick in uTorrent and testing using the test port forward button returns success.

However, when I try downloading the SAME torrent on my Desktop PC, at the same time, I'm only getting 1(439) seeds?

I've setup the router the same as the laptop to forward the ports, however it appears to work for a while, but then when i use the test port forward button, it says the port is not open - despite working fine 5 minutes ago?

There seems to be a problem where the port forward works fine for a short period, then something breaks? Is this a common problem, have i done something wrong?

This problem has only occured since I updated to version 1.7.2 on the Desktop PC?

Any help or advice would be greatly, greatly apprecieated.

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