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Whenever I close uTorrent and open it back up, it starts about an inch above the original position. But if I close it again and don't move it, it stays in the same position. This seems to indicate there's a problem in the position that I want to keep uTorrent at. I keep uTorrent right above the taskbar. Is anyone else having this problem because I have to move it down everytime I start it.

I am using:

-Windows XP

-Service Pack 2

-512 MB


-Pentium 4

-Dual Monitor Setup

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Well, assuming your taskbar is on the bottom of the screen...

Try moving µTorrent as close as possible to the bottom of the screen (right above that little taskbar... bar). Close µTorrent. Reopen it, and see if the window is exactly where you left it, or if it moves up =]

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