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uTorrent & XP Services


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Recently I've gotten so pissed at my computer for hogging up resources, I decided to turn off all unnecessary Windows XP services. While I did this in the past, most of the time I went for the "safe" settings, and plus, I was sharing a connection to my brother's computer. So we called my ISP, asked to allow us second IP and now we connect to the net via a Netgear HUB. So I was pissed and turned off all "connection sharing" and "file sharing" and etc... of the network bonanza. Obviously I took note of the most noticeable services concerning network connections, and saved two hardware profiles, my new one and a default one. Now whenever I log on the new mode, I get a much better performance, but my utorrent keeps telling me i have a problem with my connection (the yellow triangle). It stills downloads well, but I know it could be a heck of a lot better. So I log in the Default mode and my connection works peachy, so one of the services I turned off is doing this. But I've gone over all the things related to network that I disabled and couldn't get a good result. I'll post all the services I disabled and/or put to manual, to see if anyone can figure out what is causing this. Additionally, whenever I test my ports with the port forward tester I get an error for every port. It seems no port once-o-ever can pass the test. As far as I know a hub is not a router, and I've never had problems with it, so it's obviously one of the services, or a conjunction of services. These are the network related disabled services:

Application Layer Gateway Service

IPSEC Services Service

Network Location Awareness (NLA) Service

NT LM Security Support Provider

Server Service


Terminal Services


Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service (This was my first guess, but google tells me it's unrelated, and enabling it by itself generated no results)

Thanks in advanced


Solved: Apparently I hadn't noticed this before, but it is the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service which keeps popping up that yellow triangle. It's kind of weird that to run utorrent you need the windows firewall at least enabled (not used). I'm gonna keep on it for some more time to see if it really does boost my speed like it should, but I'm thinking, since it's green, it's probably all good now. I'll post this up for others who are looking for a similar solution in the future.

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