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Here is some help for setting up utorrent, static IP, port forwarding


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I just did this for WinXP SP2 after many maddening days! I have some observations that might help.

There are many of us noobs who just transferred from BitComet, or have XP systems and newer, run of the mill routers, etc…and the guides are not EXACT to the current utorrnet client, nor to WINDOWS XP. Even us noobs want to both download and upload!!! ;)

SO, these are my observations after many days of trying to get this right.

Go through the setup guide first!! (http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php) all the way down to TRYING IT OUT.

For most new users this will probably not complete the process.

I think the MOST USERS WLL NOT NEED TO FOLLOW THIS SECTION blurb should be deleted, IMO…since most NEW users will now need to go further down.

Try the first two steps after the RESOLVING A NAT PROBLEM. If these do not work, you most likely have to MANUALLY FORWARD A PORT and SET UP A STATIC IP. Yes, that means getting into the 'scary guts' of your system!! :)

Do not skip the link in step 3 after the "NAT PROBLEM" (SETTING UP A STATIC IP) part and do not skip the link in step 4 after the "NAT PROBLEM" (FORWARDING YOUR PORT IN THE ROUTER) part. They are green, click on them and use them.

On the STATIC IP section, you need to write down/copy the IP ADDRESS, THE SUBNET MASK, DEFAULT GATEWAY and both of the DNS SERVERS (in the guide they are referred to as NAME SERVER IP ADDRESSES, NAME SERVERS, etc...) which is shown on the C:\\WINDOWS...screen. Save this information for the next part.

There is a helpful little part at the end of the setting up a static IP guide where it says "ENTER YOUR COMPUTER'S DEFAULT GATEWAY..." Use the information you have from earlier in this section and type it in. Then click on FIND STATIC IP ADDRESSES to help complete setting up the IP section.

****I have read that WinXP is defaulted to OBTAIN AN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY, therefore, unless you have already done so, you will need to click on USE THE FOLLOWING THE IP ADDRESS. You will also have to click on USE THE FOLLOWING DNS SERVER ADDRESS (This is where the information from the STATIC IP section is used. Preferred DNS SERVER is the top of the two DNS SERVERS numbers and the ALTERNATE DNS SERVER is the bottom of the two DNS SERVERS numbers.)****

In the PORT FORWARD ROUTER GUIDE section, directly below the screenshot of the UTorrent CONNECTION screen, is "Utorrent's Port for incoming connections". In that box, enter the port number you have on your Connection screen (not the screenshot's). This will fill in the blanks later in the section.

Not sure if this is much help, but five days later and this is what I have learned. For me, my yellow triangle immediately turned to the almighty green checkmark!!! woohoo!!! Though, from reading the millions of other posts/forums/faq's, yours might not change immediately.

If nothing else, install the program, run a few downloads, and play with it some. I like this system a ton better than bitcomet, as it is faster, accepted!!!, and though a little more manual, a very small program.

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