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Sheduler limited speed = Global bandwith limiting


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As it is now, the sheduler's limited speed overrides the global bandwith limiting speed, wich is quite annoying! This is _the one_ thing that makes the sheduler useless for me..

Hopefully this will be noticed and re-coded.. a way to do so might be to remove the "sheduler settings" ?

The short version, make it just one bandwith-limiting thingy, the global one.. so the sheduler is "full speed - global bandwith limits - turn off"!

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The scheduler was made specifically for people that know what times they need to modify their global speed limits. Removing it entirely isn't going to happen. If you don't want the scheduler to override, then don't use it -- quite simple, really. If you want an option telling µTorrent whether you want the scheduler to override the global limits or not, then that's already been requested before.

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I wasnt trying to get it removed, but improved, so here comes my 2nd and last try to explain how!

In the "Preferences", there is a sub-menu called "Scheduler", where you can set day and time specific options (Full speed/limited/turn off).

This is something that might be really useful, if its working as one wants. In my opinion, the "Scheduler settings" (upload rate/download rate) shouldnt be override the other bandwithlimiter (Connection - Global bandwidth limiting).

For example, I want bittorrent to run at full speed during the night, then I set the Scheduler to full speed, dark green. No problems at all, full speed ahead.

But! If I have Limited on the rest of the day, it will only use the speeds that I type in the "Scheduler settings" and I will be forced to go all the way in there to change speedlimits instead of using the right mousebutton and the "Speed popup list" (Preferences - Advanced - User interface) in the bottom of the main window.

So the thing I hope to see is that the schedulers limited speed is the same as you set in the speed popup list, Full speed in the scheduler is full speed as now, limited speed in the scheduler will be limited, but use the "Global bandwith limiting"/"Speed popup list" limit instead of its own like now..

Anyway, thanks for a great program, close to perfection !

edit: Im sharing the internet with my whole family, and Im not the only one who feels to game sometimes, and our slow internet gives high ping if someone is using more than 50% of the upload speed.. so thats why i want a simple way of reducing the bandwith limits during the day.

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