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webUI Problems


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Hi there,

I have been trying to setup the webUI so that I can access my torrents from work.

At home I use a laptop to run uTorrent and I also have a PC, both of which are connected to the same router and from both of which I can access the webUI with no problems at all.

A colleague from my work can access my webUI from home and can also access his own webUI from the work computer, but when he tries to access mine the connection times out. We originally thought it must be something in the work settings that are stopping me from connecting to my webUI but that doesn't seem right as he can connect to his which is setup the exact same way but still cannot connect to mine.

I have forwarded port 8080 on my router at home.

I have enabled the alternative listening port which is set to 8080.

What else could I possibly try here?


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