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Yellow Triangle, Port not open- how to solve?


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I've been torrenting some files, and I'm having speed problems. Sometimes, they'll be around 18-30 for a while, but most of the time they hover around 10 kb/s and even go down to 3-4 kb/s for long periods of time. Obviously, this is quite a hassle because it takes ages for my torrents to complete.

The strange thing is, the tracker is working, avalibility is usually anywhere from 5 to 18, and I have plenty of seeds available.

Reading the speed guide/FAQ at the top of this section, I tried other stuff, but nothing seemed to help. One of the thing its seemed to stress was the green light- I have a yellow triangle. Furthermore, pressing Ctrl+G to test for the port being open- the port is not open.

Now, the guide says to "make sure" that those things are true. But, exactly how? I have a yellow triangle, how do I fix that? And how do I get the port to be open? I'm sure these are necessary for better download speeds.

I don't think my computer specs are necessary for this kind of question, but if they are, I'll post them later.

Thanks for your time; any help is appreciated!

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