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"Tracker offline"


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I have read the two threads that I could find on the subject yet I still can't figure out why I am having this problem. I am using a SpeedStream 5360 ADSL modem with SBC/Yahoo! DSL. When I start up Utorrent All my connections are fine and I have a green circle with a check confirming that I am forwarding my port. I leave my computer for a bit and when I come back I still have a green circle with a check but all my trackers are offline and I have slow speeds. I click on the green circle to check my port and it tells me that I'm not forwarding anymore. What can I do to keep my port forwarding and not lose connection to the tracker. I am running Comodo Firewall and have Windows XP SP2. I'm not sure all the info you need and even still I might not be able to provide it seeing as I am very new to this.

Thanks for any help.


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