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Speed Guide inoperant (no Web page)


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I don't understand why my Speed Guide remains inactive

"Run speed test at: wwwdslreports.com"

upload Limit : 0kbs/s Upload slots 50

Connexions 200 Connections (global) 450

Max active torrents 25 Max active downloads : 25


"Test if port is forwarded properly" (49034)

When I click on those : µTorrent start blank and than returns in the same windows as if no connections was possible; but I have a green dot at the bottom, which means my Network is OK

What should I do to configure µTorrent at best : My speed connexion via ethernet is 100 Mbits/s

thanks .....

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So... it just doesn't open a browser? Or does it open one but the browser remains blank...? If it doesn't open a browser...

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults > Custom > Choose a default Web browser:

Select your browser, and make sure "Enable access to this program" is checked.

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