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Still downloading when scheduled NOT to.


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I have a section which is dedicated to downloading and seeding and another section when i use my computer which is dedicated to seeding only.

I activated this section in the scheduler by shift clicking and getting red squared, typed 0 into download speed and set an upload speed, but it is still downloading, i enabled it to show the download speed in the bar up the top and it says it is downloading from something but i cant see any that are downloading.

Even though it is doing 2k/s it will hurt my download cap if not stopped, please help me stop it downloading when it shouldn't be.

Forced downloading isn't active, when the schedule box it white it stops downloads completely(and properly) but when shift clicked and red for seed only it gives that bit of downloading, sometimes ity shows there is download happening in the torrent(not just only on the title bar).

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Connection Type: xx/1Mbit

Upload Limit 92kB/s

Upload Slots: 6

Connections: 100

Connections (global): 600

Max active torrents: 6

Max active downloads: 5


Torrents started: 17

DHT status(under BitTorrent Section):

-Enable DHT network: ticked

-Enable DHT for new torrents: ticked

DHT status(under Scheduler Section):

Disable DHT when turning off: ticked


Hope that information helps you helping me.

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DHT won't get disabled unless you've set the boxes to Turn Off (white). The overhead generated by your settings compounded with the overhead generated by DHT will cause what you see, and the only way you can alleviate it is by lowering the global number of connections and disabling DHT (but you can never get rid of all of the overhead).

You better be sure your connection can actually handle 1mbit/s upload; otherwise, you're only generating needless amounds of overhead with your settings.

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What is DHT?

What is overhead?

I have the boxes red in the scheduler which means no downloads and seeding only, why would it download?

I went onto the internet and did those flash speed tests and they all checked out to be fine and match most guides for setting up µTorrent.

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Just because you tell µTorrent not to download doesn't mean it absolutely stops all downloading. If that were the case, it would simply stop uploading as well. If µTorrent wants to continue uploading, it needs to maintain an active dialogue with the connected peers to know what pieces they need/want. When the peers send µTorrent a request for some piece, that request counts as download; µTorrent doesnt just magically "know" without downloading the message with the request. If you're connected to more peers, it'll multiply this effect greatly. If you have DHT enabled, it'll multiply it further. If you stop downloading entirely, it's like pulling all your phones from the phone lines. Sure, you won't take incoming calls, but you won't be making any outgoing calls either.

Connection overhead is the communication between the actual data payloads (the stuff being transferred) that are needed to keep the connection going.


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Wow thats a lot of information but it helped.

I think will stick to strictly on and off instead of throttling just so i can upload constantly, i would prefer to burst upload instead.

Thank you for your help. Maybe you can help with my other problem in the forums (same troubleshooting forum)

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