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"Don't Start Downloading Automatically"


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Explanation: This option in Downloads\When Adding Torrents "Don't Start Downloading Automatically" only works for torrents that are added manually (it makes them begin Stopped, rather than Queued). I request an option that does this for torrents added via RSS, either on a per-favourite basis or globally.

Justification 1: As I near the end of my bandwidth quota, I often stop all of my torrents so as not to have my connection capped. My RSS feed will find new torrents overnight, and when I wake up, they have caused my connection to become capped. What I currently do is change "Queuing\Maximum Number of Active Downloads" to 0, but this option resets to 5 each time utorrent is restarted. And I often forget to go back and change this option. Turning off my RSS is not an option, as I do not want to miss torrents in the feed and have to browse for them later when they have been removed from the feed.

Justification 2: Sometimes the RSS will find dodgy versions of a particular torrent which no amount of keywords can filter out. It would be handy to set "Don't Start Downloading Automatically" on a per-favourite basis in the "RSS Downloader\Favourites" section so as to review torrents before commencing download.

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