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Quick question about utorrent and windows power management.


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A bit related to the post - Hope someone can help - If this should be under a new thread let me know or feel free to move it with a note where it went. Thanks



1. The system is a P3 / 866mhz / Win98SE. When running uTorrent v. 1.74 (4482) there

is a problem which manifests itself by the Power Management not engaging.

Normally I set the system to shut off the monitor after 1 minute of no input during certain periods.

When the uTorrent version v. 1.74 (4482) is running the Power Management fails to engage ever.

I've no idea how to test to see if I can create a workaround. But I have played with what is up on the

screen of uTorrent to see if that has an effect. For example I avoided showing the speed graph but

no improvement was made. Any advice would be appreciated.

PS. Another note - The system still has plenty of resources during the running of uTorrent.

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