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So, The other day I was downloading a large file and was getting speeds of 100kB/s down.

This morning, I was getting the same speeds.

I just tried to start to download another torrent with 6 (180) seeds and 5 (184) peers and I haven't gotten past 15 kB/s down. Why is this? It is a major annoyance having to wait 1 week just for a dumb Linux distro, free game, etc;

I have UPnP enabled (my Dlink Di524 hates me and port forwarding on my wireless connection) on the PC and the Router.

I can see my router in My Network Places.

I have Windows Firewall off and have configured my McAfee setup to allow UpNp.

If someone can help me always have a decent speed that would be great!

Thank you for your help,


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