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Downloads are stopping, but keep on uploading.


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I have a strange problem that I've seen on three occasions now the last two days. Suddenly a torrents download is stopping, but keeps on uploading normally. This have happened on popular torrents with good over all speeds. When I stopped and restarted the torrents, downloads started again within seconds. The last one this happened to was in this non downloading state for several hours before I noticed it (on 66.6%...! :o). Everything looks normal as far as I can see, with many connections of seeds and peers - just no downloads from them whatsoever, but I upload to the peers in normal speeds. Nothing shows in the log.

edit: now this have happened on one torrent several times. It's one with very very slow/busy seeds, and as we are a constant number of peers that are waiting to complete it, we all get on the same level of completeness right away. Some times now I have seen that the availability suddenly has become higher than what I have, and when I stop and restart the torrent I begin to download immediately. The other peers are mixed utorrent versions and azureus, and I receive nothing whatsoever from them when this problem occurs.

edit 2:

Strange that I couldn't find any other reports on this?

changelog 1.7.5:

--- 2007-09-11: Version 1.7.5 (build 4602)

- Fix: rare crash bug with malformed UPnP response

- Fix: downloads stalled in rare cases

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