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WebUI problem at Work


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Hello Guys,

i was reading a lot of topics here about the WebUI for Utorrent, great Application!

But my problem is i don't get it to run at work, locally it does! At work i'm behind a proxy server that uses the port 8080

I am also using a no-ip account with the following settings:

*Port 80 Redirect

*IP Address: *******

*Port: 56194 (my utorrent port)

The settings from no-ip.com are also stored in my router DI-524 (under DDNS, so no DUC application is runnin)


Do i have to forward the external 8080 port to my internal ip or what ??

Any help would be appreciated!

thanks a lot


P.S. sorry for my bad english, i'm austrian :-)

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