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Vista Problem


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I have a dell laptop with dual boot (vista & XP)

When running utorrent in XP,

- Am able to forward the port

- Have the green signal/icon at the botton

- My download speed are good

- Able to connect to many seeds, etc...

But when i boot on to vista, i start facing problems.

- Constant Yellow icon at the bottom

- Port forwarding fails

- Low download speeds, almost 1/5 the speed for the same torrent

- Low connectivity to seeders and peers, 1/5 the number as compared while donloading from the same orrent file.

Have searched thru this forum and also tried googling

- Created exceptions in windows inbuilt firewall

- Tried http://www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/

- Tried hardcoding the IP into utorrent

- Tried enabling encryption option

- Tried legacy connections

- Tried disabling uPnP

but none of the above solutions could sovle my problem.

Please guide.

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