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Some .torrents don't download as fast


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This is my story. We have SmartTelecom 3/4MB broadband and a Linksys WRT54GS v5.2. We live "far away" and therefore only receive 70KB - 300KB. It varies but most of the time it is at around 70KB and sometimes it gets worse than dial-up but I dont know if that is the internet or the router or computer.

At the moment are internet is around 80KB and one torrent I have been downloading has been downloading at around 9kb. It has, I think, around 20 seeders and 20 leechers most of the time. There is another torrent that has 1 seeder and 8 leechers and it downloads at 1/2kb, (sometimes 6kb for a few seconds or so) if at all :/. Even though the torrent has only 1 seeder and a few leechers I don't think it should be downloading so miserably for 3 reasons: Our internet is so crappy it should be able to download at full potential even if it has to share with other downloaders, the other torrent was downloading at my internet's full potential, and, at the moment, I am only downloading the first file of the torrent which I would presume the other peers have as they have been there for a while.

If you have any advice/ideas at all please let me know.

(When my internet has been 300KB torrents with many seeders and leechers have downloaded at 30kb).

EDIT: I have recently updated the firmware of our router. I had the same problem before I did though.

EDIT2: My upload speed seems to always be higher than my download speed. (Usually by a lot). I do believe that it should be the other way round?

Because my internet varies I haven't set up my speed guide.

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Hi malexous,

I had the same problem before, even though I upgraded my firmware it still continued to have problems. So I followed this guide which you can find here:


It helped me a lot and seem to fix the problem. I know it's a lot of information, but it may help you. Oh yea when you get to the part where you have to "patch your tcp"(or something like that)...that part I skipped because it gave me problems. But you can try it. Run through the whole thing and see what you come up with, best of luck.

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