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speed problems


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im kinda new to this so if i have this all wrong then please excuse me

I have Bitlord and i'm just downloading torrents of music but i'm finding they are going rather slow. I am trying to download 11 albums at this current time. some are at 0% but i think thats cos there are no seeds. Wud i be right in assuming that?

2nd is there a way to speed it up like a program or some way of getting more feeds on a torrent

sorry if this seems stupid im a total novice

Thanks in advance for any help

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I'm no expert, There will be more people with knowledge who can post, But I'd thought I'd add something anyway...

Have you tried downloading like 2 at a time? Some times it could be to do with the torrent has no Seeds/peers or just a "bad" torrent. if you don't seem to connect to Peers/Seeds after waiting a nice amount of time, then try downloading the torrent from a different site.

Also have you set you're Speed guide Alt + G? Ports might be blocked. Also, It might be an idea to read the FAQ. Which can be found at:


Or by going to the home page and click 'FAQ'

Again I'm hardly a expert. Other members have a hell of alot more knowledge then me and can give you more information/advice then me.

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