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Move downloaded data when label is assigned/changed


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When I assign a label, utorrent can move the downloaded data to a directory with the name of the label.... Great. However when I assign the label after the download is finished I have to stop the seed, move the data, change the download location manually and start the seed again.

it would be nice if utorrent could move the data after the download is completed and the label is assigned after the download is complete.

Why don't I assign the label in directly?

I use the autoload torrent directory option. Every torrent I place in the autoload folder (e.g. over the network) will be loaded and downloaded automatically but I cannot assign labels remotely so i have to do that later.

An directory structure with the label names in the autoload torrent folder would also be great. Then I could save the torrent in remotely in the autoload folder with subfolder e.g. moviesfor the movies label

another suggestion: When I assign the label "movie" to a torrent after it has completed downloading and move the torrent data manually to the "movie" directory utorrent cannot find the data anymore.... why can utorrent not have a look in the label directory himself

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