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downloads horrible


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I keep getting this same issue.

I was using bitlord.

Everything worked perfectly then stopped. Downloads

started getting slower and then finally stopped alltogether.

So I changed to utorrent.

At first it downloaded perfectly, but then after that they started slowing down and today

they are back to virtually nothing and now to finally nothing.

I don't understand.

I have googled that all day and tried everything I found out about online.

I have pretty much done everything I can think of.

I am no beginner to computers, and applications.

I am a web/application developer, and I have been in this field a long time.

System Specs

Windows XP (laptop).

It's an acer.

I have a wireless internet connection and I just connect to whatever local hubs are open.

There is always one open called linksys in the area, which is what I generally connect to and normally

get a really good connection.

The speed on my connection says 54mbps, Which I just now noticed and adjusted my settings in utorrent.

That is what it's at most of the time around 54 mbps when I connect.

Utorrent Settings

They should all be correct.

I really want this thing to start working, any advice is appreciated.

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