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hi all :)

I translated English to Japanese language, but this is still beta.







if someone can fix it, do it and fix it up more better.

thank you

# v1.3.0 lang file is always error so still beeeeeeta

# In japanese font, "©" and "uTorrent" are expressed "ウ" and "オTorrent".

# exe cant decode correctly..?

# japanese users need to use v123 ....just me? lmao

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Laizen: I'd like to help if I can, but I'm not a native speaker. However, I have been known to find errors that native speakers have made (nobody's perfect). I'll also try to work on getting the 1.3.0 one to work if it doesn't out of the box.

EDIT: Comparing our translations, it's very interesting that sometimes we ended up with pretty much the exact same thing, but sometimes we had something very different. Sometimes we start out similar but then differ later too.

Files missing from job. Please recheck.

My translation: ジョブからのファイルが見つかれません。もう一度チェックしてください。 ("I cannot find files from the job. Please check one more time.")

Your translation: ファイルがジョブから消えています。確認してください。 ("Files have disappeared from the job. Please verify.")

The size of the selected data is 0 bytes. Please specify another file or directory.

My translation: 選択されたデータのサイズは0バイトです。他のファイルかフォルダを選んでください。("The size of the selected data is 0 bytes. Please select another file or directory.")

Your translation: 選択されたデータサイズは0バイトです。別のファイル、フォルダを指定してください。("The selected datasize is 0 bytes. Please specify another file, folder.")

Both seem pretty good but I think we might benefit from merging our two translations to get a more clean result. What do you think?

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