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RSS Downloader Filters but doesn't Download


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I've set up several RSS Feeds, and I believe I have properly set up the filters. When I click the "?" button for a filter to check successful matches, it comes up with several satisfactory results, but they don't download automatically.

I have searched the forums and have found a few other people experiencing the same problem, but no definitive solutions. Any ideas?


I'm using version 1.7.5

Under the logger it's giving "unable to load "file name.torrent": Invalid torrent file!

It has logged an error for every file that should have that passed the filters in my favorites. Just to make sure I'm not missing something obvious, here's how I have the favorites setup:

Filter: *Real?time*


Save in: C:\Downloads\

Feed: http://btjunkie.org/rss.xml?query=bill+maher

Quality: ALL

Episode Number: 10x05-99

Smart ep. filter *checked* (tried unchecked as well)

Minimum interval: match always

History is Blank

Releases lists many torrents

[?] under Favorites lists:

Date of last match: N/A

Last Episodes Matched: N/A

Matching Releases:


etc. (4 additional matches)

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alright, i got exactly the same problem. nothing to add. i got the same settings, except i dont filter for episodes. my "?" shows me matches as well, same errormessages in the logger... i'd love to get this thing to work...help?

1.7.5 / XP


i guess i identified the problem: i used a rss feed with a passkey. so the feed loads properly, but if utorrent trys to catch the .torrent, it fails because i need to be logged in to fetch the torrent.

so its a cookie problem.

is it possible to tell utorrent to use some specific cookie values for the request of the torrent url? not the feed url.

does utorrent maybe use the cookievalues that i can apply to the feed url for downloading the .torrent files?

unfortunately i dont get the cookie-based rssfeed method to work to test this, the cookie-based feed of my tracker doesn't work at this moment.

but hey, maybe this is the solution.


i got it!!

yes, it was the cookies. and yes, utorrent seems to use the cookie-information given with the rss url for downloading the matches.

in my case the cookie-feed didnt work but the passkey-feed. i just added the cookie-information to the passkey-feed (so utorrent uses the cookie that is irrelevant for MY feed, but relevant for the downloads) and it works :D

So guys, maybe this is your problem, too :D! insert cookie information as described in the tutorial into your feed-url!

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