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Newbie - about reasonable performance expectations


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Greetings all,

I *have* been reading the FAQ's and hints, but have some odd q's and would appreciate some advice. Am very non-tech.....


I have a transaction going on right now.

A 1.2G transfer with a total time given of 17 hours. (13 down 4 to go)

Av D/l 19.3kb/s

Upload 6.7

Peers 24 of 141 (55 in swarm)

Tracking status: (multiple messages rotating) invalid url - unregistered torrent - target refused..... (unable to catch comment )

Q:1 My big question is about the Tracker - is this a problem/danger?

Q:2 Does the transfer rate seem reasonable?

(Machine is basically idle - CPU usage well under 20%)

Q3: In my last attempts, some time ago, twice I paused the transfer and in both cases, finished up with damaged downloads - bit upsetting after 20-odd hours waiting... :-( Is there usually a danger in pausing the t/fer process to do other work?

Q4: In the current t/fer of 10 hours so far, overnight for a period of 5 hours it almost stopped according to the speed graph.

I AM at the other end of the world in Australia, so used to slow Net speeds, but would appreciate any advice as to what sort of speeds could be considered "normal" - hence my posting this actual transaction.

System is a 1G Athlon with a Netgear 5.4mbps Router DG834G v3

Thanks - and I will keep studying/learning, but this is a bit of a jungle for a non-tech type... :-)

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