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"Size" Tab additional info!


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I have one request. Can u add additional info in Size tab (in the main window where torrents are). That's what i mean - when u choose specific files from one torrent, utorrent keeps showing the size of the complete torrent - not the size of files that u choose to download.. so my question is can u add the size of the files that u choose from the torrent in brackets or something... like that - whole torrent is 100mb and i choose to download 1 file which is 20mb - and in Size tab should display (20)100 or 100(20) or something like that.. like Seeds & Peers tabs... i think it's not such a hard work and at the same time it's worth having such info.

hope u understand what i have in mind.. i'm feeling sleepy but i wanted to write this now so i don't forget it till tomorrow :)

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