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No incomming connections (Was fine till..)


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Hi all,

First post and sadly has to be an issue with it working properly. :(

Utorrent has bee great and still is. I am crrently on 1.7.4.

Everything was going great till my intel wirless networking app screwed up. I hcanged it back to windows wireless profile manager and got my internet connection back. Previously with the Intel one, i was able to obtain a green light for UT.

However after the switch to Windows i cant seem to get the green light back on.

I am connecting through a WRT54G ver 7 so the sticky guide isnt really applicable to me.

Doesnt help as well that everything seemed to be fine before.

Heres what i have done.

1) Set up static ip.

2) Re-configed the open port in the WRT54G and tried it with UT but still no avail.

3) Windows Firewall is disabled.

4) Mcafee firewall has UT added to exceptions list allowing for up/down connections.

Can anyone offer me some assistance on this? Help much appreciated in advance!


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