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Started Out Seeding Then Stopped / How Do I Keep Seeding?


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Issue: After the downloading completed, I left Utorrent open and it was seeding for a day, until the modem reset.

Now, I can't seem to start the seeding process again. No previous modem issues. Modem was up for 92 days prior to this reboot.

PC: AMD 2.0 GHz w/ 2 GB Ram

Modem: Siemens SpeedStream DSL-6520

OS: Win XP SP 2

Apps: Firefox, Trillian, Skype, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster, Zone Alarm, Grisoft: Anti-Spyware, Virus & Rootkit.

OS and all Apps are up to date and patched.

TCP/IP Patched to 50

Port Forwarded and I have a Green Circle.

Downloaded - 8.99 GB

Uploaded - 6.15 GB

Ratio - 0.683

Status - Seeding

ETA - Infinity

Done - 100%

Seeds - 0[0]

Peers - 0[0]

Nothing showing on the Speed Graph.


[Changed Per Instructions, FAQs & Forum Posts]


Append - Unchecked

Preallocate - Checked

Prevent Standby - Checked


Upload - 0

Download - 0


Global Max - 400

Peers - 70

Slots - 2

Additional Slots - Unchecked

Additional Features - All Checked

Encryption - Forced

Legacy Connections - Unchecked


Active Torrents - 1

Active Downloads - 1

Seed While Ratio - 150%

Seeding Tasks - Unchecked

Seeding Goal - Unchecked


Nothing Checked


net.max_halfopen - 50

peer.lazy_bitfield - True

peer.resolve_country - False

Disc Cache:

Override - Checked 50 MB

Reduce Memory - Checked

Advanced Cache Settings - All Checked


Hi Everyone,

New to Utorrent and file sharing but not my first time at the rodeo!

Yes, I've read the Instructions and FAQs at the Utorrent website and the 'Rules' for this forum.

In addition, I've searched this and other forums plus Google but the information I have found either does not apply or is over my head [sometimes I need a little handholding].

Any information or help will be greatly appreciated and I welcome any question, comments, suggestions or concerns.



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As per my post, everything downloaded ok and the files are fine. This was a seeding issue with apparent complications from the modem and maybe the computer.

So far I've DL 3 things and only had the seeding issue with the first file. Everything seems ok now and I was just wondering if there was a way to re-start the seeding after the DL process is over.

If no other info is available then I consider the issue closed.

Thanks for the responses,


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