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After All the Tweaking, I Managed to Double My Download Speed to 50K !


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Issue: DL speed started out around 12 - 15 k but would never go over the occasional spikes of around 20 k. After much research and tweaking I managed to get the DL speed up to 30 - 40 k with spikes up to but never over 50 k. Others have reported DSL speeds up to 200 k ! Is this unusual or normal? Yes, I know the difference between Big 'B' and Little 'b'.

PC: AMD 2.0 GHz w/ 2 GB Ram

Modem: Siemens SpeedStream DSL-6520

OS: Win XP SP 2

Apps: Firefox, Trillian, Skype, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster, Zone Alarm, Grisoft: Anti-Spyware, Virus & Rootkit.

OS and all Apps are up to date and patched.

TCP/IP Patched to 50

Port Forwarded and I have a Green Circle.

Settings [Changed Per Instructions, FAQs & Forum Posts]


Append - Unchecked

Preallocate - Checked

Prevent Standby - Checked


Upload - 0

Download - 0


Global Max - 400

Peers - 70

Slots - 2

Additional Slots - Unchecked

Additional Features - All Checked

Encryption - Forced

Legacy Connections - Unchecked


Active Torrents - 1

Active Downloads - 1

Seed While Ratio - 150%

Seeding Tasks - Unchecked

Seeding Goal - Unchecked


Nothing Checked


net.max_halfopen - 50

peer.lazy_bitfield - True

peer.resolve_country - False

Disc Cache:

Override - Checked 50 MB

Reduce Memory - Checked

Advanced Cache Settings - All Checked


Hi Everyone,

New to Utorrent and file sharing but not my first time at the rodeo!

Yes, I've read the Instructions and FAQs at the Utorrent website and the 'Rules' for this forum.

In addition, I've searched this and other forums plus Google but the information I have found either does not apply or is over my head [sometimes I need a little handholding].

Any information or help will be greatly appreciated and I welcome any question, comments, suggestions or concerns.



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net.max_halfopen should not be set equal to the TCPIP.sys limit. It should at most be 80% of that amount (so 40 at most). Honestly, you shouldn't even need that much either.

Tell us what your connection's maximum download and upload rates are as tested from the Speed Guide. How does a torrent from here run?

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Upload - 0

The officially recommended guide tells you how to set the proper upload rate.

Regarding the speed test... Be sure that you aren't using your connection for any other reason besides testing, while testing. That means no downloading, no IMing, no µTorrent running, no browser activity (other than the testing), etc. Additionally, no other computer on your network (if any) should be using the connection.

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Yes, I did read the instructions for the speed test before running it. So it was a 'clean' test and the results are same as a re-test today.

There is only one PC attached to the DSL modem by an Ethernet cable. The modem is connected to the phone jack directly and is not split.

On my 3rd DL and speed is still very low.

Thanks for the quick response,


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There are other speed testing mirrors linked to from broadbandreports' site. Make sure you've selected the closest one, as it'll usually give the most accurate results. The reason I'm fixated on this speed testing is because (1) the ping time for the speed test is a bit higher than I'd expect from a reliable test, and (2) a connection with a download rate of ~140kbps can't really download at 50KiB/s (or did the speed test measure in KiB/s in the first place?).

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=Issue Resolved=

Download speeds now average around 120k with spikes to 145k but never below 100k on test websites. Real Life Downloading is between 80 - 100k.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and help.

If you have stumbled upon this posting and have tried everything else, its time to look at your PC settings. Read the instructions and FAQ for your Torrent software, Modem and Download Websites.

Make sure that you follow all the advice at www.portforward.com and do not hesitate to ask for help in general PC forums. When you call your ISP or post in PC forums, tell them your trying to increase your speed to play online games [World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Gametap, etc.] they know all about it and help people everyday to tweak their modems.

If you have done all this and are still having speed issues then you need to check a few PC settings especially if you have ever used any kind of 'Operating System Optimization Software' in the past. Anything like Norton or the 'Windows Lite' Family [98Lite, XPLite or VistaLite].

You will also get some wild and crazy suggestions. Just ignore them. It just not necessary and a big waste of time. I'm glad I resisted. Do not do anything insane like re-install your Operating System, flash your BIOS or re-format your hard drive. Also, if your PC is less then 3 years old then most likely your hardware drivers are just fine.

Now, not all of the following tweaks may be required but adjusting them solved a lot of my issues including the restricted download speeds. As usual, I take no liability or responsibility. Research everything for yourself and proceed at your own risk. Good luck!

Step 1 - Adjust System & Processor Performance

Start> Right Click on My Computer> Properties> Advanced Tab> Performance Settings> Visual Effects Tab> Set Adjustment for best Performance> Advanced Tab> Set Processor Scheduling to Programs> Set Memory Usage to Programs> Increase Virtual Memory to Maximum or at least 1000 MB> Data Execution Tab> Turn off DEP> Apply> OK

Step 2 - Adjust Performance of Background Services

Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Component Services> Services [Local]> Choose a Service> Double Click Startup Type> General Tab> Click Startup Type Drop Down Menu> Click Automatic> Apply> OK

Most of these can be set to Automatic. Manual and Disabled settings slow down the system.

Step 3 - Adjust Hard Drive Performance Settings

Start> My Computer> Right Click Hard Drive> Properties> General Tab> Uncheck Both: Compress Drive & Allow Indexing> Hardware Tab> Properties> Policy Tab> Enable Write Caching> Apply> OK

Step 4 - Adjust Process Priority in Windows Task Manager

Ctrl-Alt-Del> Processes Tab> Right Click any Program ie: 'utorrent.exe> Set Priority> Click 'Above Normal' or 'High'> Click Minimize Window Button

This will run the program higher then any other but can cause conflicts. Great for when your away from the computer or overnight.

Good Luck,


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