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Unable to Download


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I posted this thread in Troubleshooting and I think its a bug/compatibility issue with UTorrent/Norton Internet Securitythat needs resolving


I'm pretty new to UTorrent but I have managed to download stuff before. However, after formating my hard drive and reloading the software I keep getting"

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Every time I try to download something.

Now I know I am thick BUT can someone tell me what basic thing I'm doing wrong?

I think I've stubbled accross the answer!!!

I disabled Norton Internet Security and the downloads started.................

Once they had started I re-enabled NIS and they were still downloading.

What in NIS is stopping the download??

When I switched my PC off and restarted it, the downloads wouldn't start until I disabled NIS. Everytime I try to download a new file I must disable NIS for a while.

What must I do to overcome this??

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