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my external ip address is not open to the port. But.......


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So what?

Thats what I thought. Shouldn't it be testing thru my internal address? All the adjust ments and tweaks from the manual refer refer to the internal address.

I can open the router page on my internal address an alter and change according to the instructions all I want, but what do I do if the speed test is telling me:

"Checking port 41000 on 58.168.14X.XXX...

Error! Port 41000 does not appear to be open."

58.168.14X.XXX is my external address!

I can open the page for my external address, but admin admin doesn't work on that. Access denied.

I have done everything that the manual has told me to do: port forwarding, enabling the port-tweaking preferences in the management router interface page (Siemens speedstream 6250), enabling the port by pass for 41000 in the security section of the router page. I have followed and implemented the tips on this forum.

But the speed test seems to have ignored all my good work and tells me the port isn't open after CHECKING MY EXTERNAL ADDRESS which I can open as a management router interface web page.... but not adjust like I can with the internal ip address.

Very frustrating. I'm getting all of 1.5kps..sometimes up to 5.

Nope...I'm on 0.4 right now.

When I download a Microsoft file, it rattles along at 160 Kbps.

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All adjustments happen on the internal port because you are behind a NAT, which translates communication from the external WAN to something for the devices on the internal LAN to identify easily as communication for them.

The port checking happens on the external WAN address because that's all the people on the internet see. It's the same as when you get a physical mail to your house; the house address is like the WAN address in that you get your mails, the mail for everyone in the house get sent to the same mailbox outside. When you get your mail, you bring it inside (internal LAN) and pick out which mails are yours. The postal worker doesn't give each person their mail directly.

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