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my internet connection fails


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hail all. i have a problem that disturbs me since quite a long time. whenever i start utorrent or emule, programs that uses too many connections at same time, my internet connection fails. after i close the program, connection comes back after a while. sometimes i need to restart the modem. i tried many of the suggestions. decreaesed the half open connections, decreased almost everything. nothing did work until now. some people told me that the problem could be my adsl modem. that some modems do not handle the too many connections, which is the method of most of the p2p sotwares, including utorrent. but i remember that i didn't have this problem when i bought the modem first. it began later. now it occurs almost everytime i start those softwares. rarely they do work. so i searched for the possible solution on the net. i found out about the tcpip.sys patcher stuff. i tried that too, running the exe file and doing whatever told and it says that the file is pathced and it is done. but whenever i do that and restart my computer, nothing changes and i see the 4226 id-event thing with yellow mark again and again in the event viewer. don't know if i should try in safe mode or anything. just fed up.

so what your suggestion might be? i'm a big fan of p2p softwares and downloading. and i really need a help, because i can't use my connection. i can only download thorugh rapdishare and other direct link stuffs. and i don't want them anymore, seriously. thank you.

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colour of the network status thing is green and it says network is ok, working like it should.

portchecker says port is(19880) open and accepting connections.

net max half open set to: 4

windows xp service pack 2

no security-anti virus etc. program installed

speedcom-globespan virata gs8100

turk telekom

adsl 1mbit tests are ok, both downloads and uploads at full capacity. tested at many other speed test pages as well.

pentium III 450 mhz

256 mb ram

nvidia geforce 2 mx

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