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Urgent Help. 'invalid Torrent Message'


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I went on a site on my laptop but at the bottom of the screen in the left hand corner it had the triangular yellow traffic sign with an exclamation mark in it saying done but with errors.

I could not click and download any torrents from the website, so what I did was take my external hard drive ( Seagate 300GB) and put it in another computer in another room which is the main server oumputer.

The website did not have the 'done but with errors message' on it so I downloaded the files from the website on to my Seagate hard-drive.

I then took the external hard-drive and plugged it back into my laptop computer and the files started to download and it had the blue symbol.

On my laptop I went onto the site again and I did not have the 'Done with Errors' message on the bottom left hand corner, so I proceeded to download some torrent files but this messge came up

for every file I tried to put into utorrent to download

'Unable to load '---------------------'invalid torrent file and it had the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark. I have left the file name above blank for obvious reasons.

I repeated the steps above in the 4th paragraph and the same thing happened. The files from the server computer download, but when I download them from my laptop I get this error message.

Do I have to................

1. Uninstall utorrent and start again on my laptop


2. just download using the files I downloaded from the main server computer

Your help would be appreciated I have windows XP


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