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Is it Move when Download Completed, or when Seeding Completed?

Ed Pummelon

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Probably a dumb question but still...

Got home tonight to find my downloaded files had not been moved to the new location specified in Move on Completed.

However they were still seeding. Does this mean uTorrent will move them after they have reached the seeding limit I've set (currently 2:1), or should uTorrent move them once the whole file has been downloaded?

I'm not sure which is the expected behaviour?

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"Move .torrents for finished jobs to moves .torrent files to the specified location after it is completed. By default, these files remain in the same location that they were first copied to."


http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip (µTorrent User Manual > Appendix A: The µTorrent Interface > Preferences > Other > Storage For Torrent Files)

so the .torrent files are moved, not the downloads!

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