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pausing by middle-clicking the tray icon, using the "pause" icon


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Is it possible to use the middle mouse button to click on the tray icon of µTorrent in order to pause all the torrents instead of right-clicking and choosing pause?

Also a good indication would be if the icon changes to the pause icon from the toolbar set for torrents.

I am not a programmer and don't know whether it is possible to use the middle mouse button or the scroll wheel, actually, for manipulating tray icon area.

Reason: until good QoS is implemented by the ISP, even bandwidth throttling doesn't work well when i have to use VoIP, Skype or video conference. it just gets reeaally maudlin at best. so when i get a call, i scramble to pause it so as to get a clean channel and then it is very easy to overlook and forget to start it back up.

that's why i am thinking about the pause icon indication.

Of course, resuming all torrents might as well be done through the scrollwheel again ;-)

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