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Actiontec MI424-WR Router and Fios Won't Let Me Turn Green

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I have looked on portforward.com, utorrent forums, and various other sites, in addition to calling up Verizon, and I have not been able to fix this problem.

I apologize for posting this. If there was an answer in the forums that I missed, it is up to either my frustration of looking or just carelessness. I am asking for anyone to help address this problem. Here is the issue:

I switched from cable to Verizon Fios, with a 20mb dl/5mb upload. As soon as this happened, the green light disappeared and while I'm getting marginally faster dl speeds, it's not what it should be on both ends - uploading and downloading. I do not have access to the listed seeds and peers. I am currently operating on XP.

I have attempted to open up the port that was assigned by uTorrent when I hit ctrl+G but there was no luck. On portforward.com, I could not create a static IP because I was unable to find out my proper DNS server. It was the same as my Gateway when I did "ipconfig/all" and I was told that this means it is being masked. I accessed my router but there is no status page nor a search link to find it so I could not access it there. I called up Verizon and they could not help me and even went so far as to suggest that what program I was trying to open would probably be blocked.

In addition, my firewall page does not allow me to access the TCP protocol directly - I have to select FTP and when I do, it automatically says "TCP ->21." At this point, I still asked it to forward to the port that was given to me by uTorrent. After all of this, the light was still yellow.

I also got advice on shutting down my router and reestablishing speeds when I rebooted my computer. To my knowledge, this has not helped either.

Also, I set my download speed on uTorrent at 20mb. Though this is the advertised use from Fios, I have lowered it and still, no green light. The port forwarding test also shows that it is blocked.

I previously had bitTornado and had the same problem. Luckily, uTorrent has proven faster and more efficient but I still have the yellow mark.

** I apologize for the length of this message but I wanted to explain myself and show all my efforts - it seemed only fair. I'm not a comupter wiz, which you can probably already tell. At this point, I'm exhausted looking and am asking for someone to help me!**

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