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Help with "Downloading"


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Hello all,

First off, I did a quick scan of the forum to see if my question has been answered elsewhere, and didn't see anything. So if my answer can be found anywhere else, a link is sufficient as a response, as I don't want to clog up the forums :)

I also tried querying my problem in Google, but it is hard to put in words what the problem is.

Basically, all I'm doing is SEEDING. I have no downloads at all. Yet I always seem to accumulate a download total. For instance, I left my uTorrent on throughout the day for SEEDING purposes only, there are no downloads. Then when I come back, I noticed I have over 20 MB of downloads. This happens all the time. For some reason, the files I am seeding sometimes perform a download rate of 0.1 kb/sec. The rate is small, and I guess this all gets accumulated to generate the 20 MB.

How can I stop this? I even set my download rate to the smallest value possible (1 kb/sec), and doesn't really help.

Am I wasting hard drive space by downloading unnecessary megabytes?

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

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