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Cannot seed private files.


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I'm out of options. Hope someone can help.

I use torrents for a private network of small videos (gaming team).

I was able to seed before but was having crash problems with my old router. Got a new Cisco commercial grade (1700 Serie) router hoping this one would do the job (not crash after hours of seeding). A friend configured it (I am not familiar with Cisco IOS) and everything seams ok. My uTorrent port seams well configured (shows "Green OK" with uTorrent Port test) and my DynDns Updater works well also (I am on a 4Mb PPPoe with dynamic IP). I am able to ping both numerical IP and DynDns IP.

I am not able to get a green arrow as a seeder. If I download a torrent from the web, once I am done downloading, it seeds just fine (green up). But if I create my .torrent file, I cannot get a green up arrow although it says I am seeding (hosting my own trackers on my home cpu/connection).

I use the Private Tracker fonction and, as it says in the guides, bt.enable_tracker is set to "true". I've triple checked my URL for the tracker to make sure it's not a typo (http://myIP.dyndns.org:23560/announce). I've disable DHT and uPnP. I've even tried to enter a URL with my numerical IP (instead of DynDns) just to be sure it's not a DynDns problem.

It really looks like this is a tracker issue. I really don't know what I am doing wrong. I am out of options.

Any idea of what is going on?


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