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Utorrent downloads stops while AFK


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Well, they stop. The files im downloading cease to download and upload when AFK.

What could be the problem here? Utorrent itself or some external factor?

Network setup:

My computer -> WLAN AP -> Router (ports configured and working) -> Internet


ZoneAlarm (ports OK)

Never had this problem before. Everything is OK except for the AFK issue.

Tips and help is greatly appreciated! :)



UPDATE: I very recently installed FlashGet , and it may be the case that this program (as it is a download manager) have some settings enabled that halts my downloads while im inactive. Could this be it? Anyway, i'll disable it and see how everything fares.

ISSUE SOLVED: I found that if i disabeled the screensaver the download would continue as normal. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Sounds like it would be a Windows issue more than anything... µTorrent itself doesn't care whether the computer is in screensaver mode or not; if it is running, and the computer is on, it will just go on with its business of transferring data. Some other users have mentioned having this issue, but I know I've never been able to reproduce the problem on my end (AFAIK, most people don't run into this issue).

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