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I have Netgear WGR614V6 router and a faily old DSL modem, SpeedStream 5260. My ISP is at&t DSL. I had had some issue with portforwarding with the Netgear router until I upgraded its firmware a few days ago. Now the router is quite stable and I am downloading a 3.4GB file at the average speed of 140 kB/s. My DSL speed is about 1200 kb/s.

I've noticed that my dynamic IP address gets changed as soon as I start uTorrent client and/or start downloading files. I happen to monitor this IP address and that is why I could not help noticing it.

My question is: how does my ISP sense my running uTorrent client immediately and have my IP changed?

edit: Linksys DSL router BEFSR41 v4.0 is bad with uTorrent client. I had had bad problems with it when I started using Torrent client. It disconnected DSL connection a few times within an hour. I happened to build a new PC at the same time, so I thought I had a bad on-board LAN card. I almost RMA'ed the motherboard just before I realized the problem was caused by the router.

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