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Download speed problems


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Hi all

I am new here.

My computer recently had some problems and I had to reboot the OS. Before that my utorrent was perfect and downloading and uploading very well. But since I have rebooted my computer, my utorrent v.1.7.5) isn't downloading as well.

My internet connection is 1MB. Before the reboot, my download rate at peak hours was 120+kb/s. But now even if I am connected to about 35 seeds and 35 peers, the download rate is just around 50 kb/s, although the donwload is set to unlimited in the Preferences.

Last time, in the begining I had utorrent v.1.6 standalone, but there were some updates to it. When I backed up that utorrent and installed on the newly rebooted machine, I realised it was v1.7.5 (does it mean 1.6 upgraded itself to become 1.7.5 while updates were done?)

I have disabled the DHT as I had done last time as per someone's suggestion.

Can anyone please guide me on steps to get back my higher downloading speed? Or should I try going back to 1.6 standalone version. If so, where can I find it.

Thanks a lot.


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