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µTorrent User Manual > Appendix A: The µTorrent Interface > Preferences > General

The Associate with .torrent files button tells Windows to open .torrent files in µTorrent. If maindoc.ico is present in µTorrent's settings directory, it will be used as the icon for .torrent files instead of making Windows attempt to generate an icon automatically.

µTorrent User Manual > Appendix B: Advanced Information > Settings Directory

maindoc.ico is the icon that will be used as a filetype icon for .torrent files upon association. This is mainly used for older versions of Windows, which might have problems generating filetype icons automatically for .torrent files upon association.

It's been implemented since 1.7.x. Simply place an icon called maindoc.ico that you want to set as the filetype icon into %appdata%\uTorrent (or wherever you have the settings.dat file at), go to Preferences > General, and select "Associate with .torrent files."

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