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Ok, everybody here asked this but my case seems to be unique!


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OK so I am using WLan. I forwarded the ports (no. 1000) but I still can't seem to get fast speeds! The torrents I am downloading are all well-seeded. I have no firewalls and this kinda stuff. My ISP is Onvol and this is the results I got from a speed test :

Download Speed : 1721 Kb/s

Upload Speed : 207 Kb/s

I set my Upload Speed Limit to 25 and Maximum Torrents to 2 but still slow speeds.

Help please! Thanks

BDW, I managed to Download Open Office in 35 mins @ 53.7 Kb/s as Average Download Spees

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If you are using WLAN (from your router to your laptop), that is not called wireless internet.

If you are connected to your ISP over WLAN (antenna outside, no cable), that is wireless internet.

So if you have wireless internet, you are part of your ISP's LAN. This means you are connected to his router which you can't configure and so you can't really forward your port. That's the reason ... you are NATTED (or double NATTED), google for that or search the forums.

Speedtests just test your http speed, that one is always fast (nothing blocking between).

With an upspeed of 207 kilobits/s you should select "xx/192" in the speed guide (CTRL+G in utorrent), which gives you 17 kB/s (kiloBytes/s) upspeed.

EDIT: don't use port 1000; best to use a port between 50000 and 65000

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