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logon/password misbehavior


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I seldom post, so I don't log on enough to recall my password - and especially so when I use a different computer than normal, as now - but it's now official: there's something buggy about the logon procedure, other than me...and I recall this has happened before, too.

Just now, I couldn't recall my username (for sure) and maybe not my password either, so I clicked on the "forgotten password" link. As expected, when I entered my email address, I got the email, which reminded me what my username was. I then <CTRL-C> copied the random new password. I then went back to the logon page, entered my username, and the fresh random password. Should be no problem, right? BUZZZZZZ! Forum says I am wrong: denied access. So I go back to that email, double-check that I copied the right bits of text for the random new password, and retry. Rejection, again.

Since I'd had a good idea what my password was (just didn't recall my username) I tried my OLD password. Bingo. But yeah, that shouldn't have worked.

I am not so concerned with security but I hate access frustrations...so when a user requests a forgotten password, shouldn't the old one /immediately/ be dumped in favor of the new one, whether that new one is randomly-generated or user-specified? Aside from that, there is clearly something buggy there: why DOESN'T the new password work?

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