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Port keeps closed, speed slow


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I have setup a static IP as described on this site.

I have setup port forwarding from portforwarding.com instructions.

Yet, port 2020 remains 'closed'. I have also tried disabling the firewall of the Zyxel D1A, and even my local PC Comodo 2.4 firewall. I'm using Windows 2000.

Could someone with a similar setup please assist in bursting it open? It's very annoying....

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Thank you for your reply.


- Changing Zyxel NAT port to 55555 and also entering 55555 in the 'Port Translation' fields,

- Swapping the Source-Destination ports in Comodo using port 55555,

- Turning off the Zyxel firewall;

Speed is now up to par.

Edit: extended information.

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