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Port Forwarding Problems on Linksys WRT54G

Mystic Buddha

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I have spent the past week reading just about everything I could find on the subject and am still stumped.

PC runs on XP Pro, hardwired to Linksys WRT54G, and connected to Cable ISP.

Notebook runs on Vista and connects to Linksys wirelessly.

I have set up static IPs on both, and basically followed everything PortForward suggests. And, to prove that I have done so, uTorrent shows a green light when I run it on the notebook. However, no matter what I try, it stays red on the PC.

Any ideas?


I've PINNED it! PC was running an older version of Comodo Firewall, and it happened to be the culprit. Now I run the version & ports are open! :-)

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