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D-Link DI-704 router + DSL = utorrent connection problems?


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Hello guys,

i've been using utorrent for well over a year now.

i use to have cable broadband but have recently switched to DSL

what i've been experiencing recently is that the router would have connection problems with the dsl modem after i get my torrents going for some time.

for example:

i add 3 torrents to utorrent for d/l.

they start going, i get seeds and peers connected on all 3 torrents.

then (times vary, i can go from a few minutes to a few hours w/o a problem),

my internet dies. the dsl modem is fine, all green lights. just the router that's not working properly. i'd have to switch the router on and off, and it would work again.

anyone experiencing anything similar to this?

am i doing something wrong?


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